We are at a crucial turning point in history.

I’m speaking to those who already know.

Right now - we have a window of opportunity to save ourselves from the trajectory this world is heading in. 

Nothing of this scale has ever happened before, and globalisation can only happen once. The great reset. The fourth industrial Revolution & Agenda 2030 are all very much so underway. Take a look around. 

If you feel the walls are closing in now - just know it will be FAR worse once they further their goal. Once the world is even more controlled, automated & censored… where “you will own nothing and be happy”, in the words of the WEF.

So let me make this very clear;

If we do nothing, we will fail.

But If we try, and I mean really try… then we have a chance of winning. And God knows that’s better than no chance at all. 

We can change the course of history… we can save the future of humanity, or at the very least the future of our families. 

Thats exactly why they’re so hellbent on brainwashing, dividing & poisoning us. They spend billions on fear campaigns because THEY FEAR USThe fear our power, our faith, our unity, our strength, our hearts, our hope… our humanity.

They know exactly what we’re capable of, and I’m here to remind you: 

Not only can we do this,
We're here to do this.


So - we're aware of the problem, but what is the solution?
The solution is you. US.

Now is the time to individually & collaboratively devise a plan & take action. Start where you’re at, with whatever you can, big or small.  

We must outsmart the system - utilising them to further OUR goal like they do with us. play the system to our advantage whilst using their own tactics against them.


First of all…
We need 
awarenesspreparednessall types of skillsWe have to network & build real life communities, taking physical steps towards self sufficiency. We must accumulate wealth however we can, learning how & what to invest in to keep that wealth safe - because owning assets, land & property is necessary If we are to fight back. 

We must stay LAZER focused on our goal as they are on theirs.

We all have different innate skills & talents, so If we all bring something to the table, together we have everything we need.

It’s the way humans & the earth was designed. 

This is no short term plan - But Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have to start here, now

I’m not asking you to sacrifice for the cause, I'm asking you to fulfil your purpose, to realise the importance of your existence & put your natural talents to use.
Do what resonates with your soul,
and know you are limitless.

It’s not going to be easy. I know exactly what we’re up against. But what’s the alternative?  

The future belongs to those who believe.

I alone can’t change the world. But I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

So… will you cast your stone?

the decision is yours. 

Thank you for reading.
With love, Catila.


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